Roland Ott Entertainment Services

We are an entertainment company headquartered in Beverly Hills, California and with offices also in Sweden and in Spain. We work with a vast range of activities within entertainment and we also handle legal matters such as contracting, royalties, licensing, etc.
The company was founded by Mr Mike Roland and Mr Christopher Ott with the objective to create a full service partner to artists, record labels, festival and concert promoters, TV -networks and other Entertainment Industry players.

Roland Ott Entertainment has a team of co-workers and partners with decades of experience from working with a vast range of the biggest artists on the planet. 
We handle the career of international talents within the music industry on a long term basis but we also work on artist projects with a defined timeframe and mission.  Roland Ott Entertainment is headquartered in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles) California with offices also in Spain, Sweden and also representation in Germany.