Artist Management

As an Artist management company we have a multifaceted role. Our work is to transform a talented artist into a brand. Every artist needs a manager, new or old, aspiring or popular.

We assist our artists to get greater exposure through various means. Whether it is a brand endorsement or getting featured among the best in the business, negotiating the terms of an agreement with a record label or managing the tours from the start to the finish, we handle all of that.

Our team of professionals specialize in marketing, management, promotion, ticket sales, social media, royalties, copyright laws and other legal as well as financial matters. We also handle sales of merchandise.

With offices in LA, Stockholm and Valencia, we are committed to providing emotionally and financially intelligent career advice to elite clients across the world. Tailored to every client's needs and career goals, we draw on our collective skills and experience to offer a depth of knowledge that separates us from our competitors.

Some of the services we offer

* Comprehensive representation of clients across music
   and entertainment sectors
* Create, develop and deliver long term client strategies
* Liaison and negotiation with music labels,
   international broadcasters, leading production, casting
   and distribution companies, social networks, brands,
   publishers, PR companies and live event

* Proactive strategies to secure off screen, off stage
   commercial income and endorsements

* Creation and funding of IP opportunities
* Live event production
* Social media planning and activation
* Deploying capital to originate content
* Shooting and editing content
* Tour accounting
* Negotiation of deal documentation
* Crisis management
* Reputation positioning