Welcome to Roland Ott Entertainment

We are an entertainment company headquartered in Beverly Hills, California and with offices also in Sweden and in Spain. We work with a vast range of activities within entertainment and we also handle legal matters such as contracting, royalties, licensing, etc.

Artist Management, Production and Promotion

Roland Ott Entertainment manages international artists and handle promotion, marketing and production for our artists.
We work mainly with international artists and our team has decades of experience from working with international stars.

Sponsorship & Endorsements 

Our sponsor team works with all kinds of sponsorships and endorsements for artists and celebrities as well as for major events, music videos, movies and TV-shows.

Event Production

We specialize in providing integrated event services for all types of major events including event planning & management, audio visual, event lighting, sound, staging, styling and theming as well as multimedia content and digital products such as webcasting and live polling.